The 2005 Honolulu Century Ride
25 September 2005

This Year's theme:  BRUTAL

IMG_1088 copy.jpg (238248 bytes)    
       I made it the entire 100 miles---I'm still not sure how; never will I brag again about the ease of Honolulu's 
   Century ride.  Bob Mon and the Hawaii Bicycling League did a bang up job this year.  And Japan Airlines got the 
   visitors here in even larger numbers.  The weather for  officially being fall was the warmest, most humid day of the year-
                             which made for extremely uncomfortable conditions and a plethora of ailments ensued.....



100_4565a.jpg (389521 bytes)

From his looks you knew he knew what kind of day it was to be.

R 100_4569a.jpg (550016 bytes)

Maybe she thought all would be good.

U 100_4571a.jpg (451874 bytes)

This lad thinks like her.

T 100_4582a.jpg (490326 bytes)

But as the day wore on, the harsh reality set in.

A 100_4584a.jpg (593533 bytes)

The scorching heat had taken it's toll; only the fittest were well..

L 100_4590a.jpg (457725 bytes)

Although all survived and many finished--after 1 sun scorched sweltering morning.

      100_4568a.jpg (428490 bytes)hard at it Carol works while Dan is dreaming of ?????   

                  IMG_1038a.jpg (324637 bytes)can't wait til the start!

                             IMG_1036a copy.jpg (502579 bytes)the officials' box,  AKA "we're important"

                                          100_4563a copy.jpg (522165 bytes)scene prior to the gun

                                                     IMG_1031a copy.jpg (360668 bytes)and the sound o the gun--er--the 
                                                                                drop of the flag!!!


          100_4567a.jpg (728561 bytes)       100_4577a.jpg (556147 bytes)    100_4576a.jpg (510598 bytes)      100_4578a.jpg (491975 bytes)     100_4580a.jpg (527888 bytes)   100_4583a.jpg (758125 bytes)
             news guys                     rest stop            serving girls :-)         cookies and water       this way to            knackered
                                                                                                                                           the timing ramp


Untitled-1cheer copy.jpg (213917 bytes)

And good cheer to all !!!

THE FINAL STATS:  6 Lava Salt capsules, 4 gels, 1 orange, 4 cookies, 6 bottles of sport drink, too many rest stops, 
and one caved in calf cramp. 
5:24:34 rolling wheels time, 98.07 miles, 18.1 MPH average, 40.0 Max Speed.  Success.

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