Mountain Biking Forest Above the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station
Sunday 19 June 2005

My computer sez:  Rolling Wheels Time:  1 hr 8 min 15 sec  (1.14)
                                Mileage:  7.87 miles
                               Avg Speed:  6.9 MPH
                               Max Speed:  24.6 MPH
                               Weather:  Overcast to partly cloudy w/ widely scattered sprinkles, mid 80ish F
                               Route Improvement:  0.8 MPH faster than prior 

Route:  approx 7.75 mile loop beginning and ending about 1/2 mile into Area A Public Access above the Satellite Station.  Travelling:  Northwest to East to South to West to North

2005 05 01 KPSTS MTB gps map.jpg (135019 bytes)    map is actually from the same rte ridden last month.

When:  Su 19 June Fathers' Day wheels rolling about Nineish                                       100_4485e.jpg (42713 bytes)      Beautiful view of da Point
Who:   Dan, Carol, Debz (Thx for Breakfast),  Devin and Pete
Why:   We have to get the Mountain Bikes dirty sometime
Blood:  Yes.  1X Doubletrack slideout w/knee bashed on rock
                       1X Paved access road flying downhill around turn too hot.                                                      

                                                                                                                                        100_4486e.jpg (96736 bytes)  rest time

Injuries requiring attention: None                                            100_4484e.jpg (126433 bytes)  Carol's amused by something, Devin's Sleepy, 
                                                                                                                                 or hungry, Debz a wonderin' how many more hills
Fun:  Yes

100_4488e.jpg (66577 bytes)       Pete getting da point acrossed--no you may not go bombin' down ze hill t'words da beach. 

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