Team Cruzin' 4 A Bruzin was formed out of a discussion during one of the weekly rides of the Hawaii Bicycling League that I participate in.  Pupukea is one of the mountain bike specific rides that was scheduled; there I met Dan, an avid all around cyclist and ride leader.  I mentioned wanting to do the 24 hour Paradise in Hell Mountain Bike Race on the weekend 0f 20-21 Sep, 2003 but I'd be in the field and had no way to form a team.  Dan took care of everything---I think I'll call him George because he reminds me of the Seinfeld dude.

Team Cruzin 4 A Bruzin finished w/ 25  6 mile laps--good enough for 3d place in the mixed sex 5 person team category.  Hardly any of the team had night mountain cycling experience.  None of us had raced at night before.  

Team Cruzin 4 A Bruzin is:

Dan Williams, Vince Fernandez, Pete Kutheis, Debbie, and Devin.

Here are some pics.  Weather was great; very intermittent drizzle/sprinkles.  30% of course was wet.
Location:  Kualoa Ranch, Kaaawa Valley---where Jurassic Park was filmed.

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                              The Team       The Kid flies                                  ready.................set....................go!!!!!           Our camp site

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uphill grind                                                                                                                                                                       all a Blur

Huge fun; thanks mates.

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